Pokfulam Village – From 17th Century to Now

Pokfulam Village, located on the hillside beside Chi Fu Fa Yuen on Hong Kong Island, is one of the oldest historical villages in Hong Kong. Its history can be traced back to the seventeenth century where Hong Kong still did not officially exist. Hence, the village has a great significance on the city’s historical values.

Due to the inadequate support provided by the government in the past, the houses and infrastructures in Pokfulam Village are mostly built with tin plates. Although, of course, there are new and modern ones built with concrete and bricks. With the limited area on the hillside, the village is formed by narrow alleys and compact houses.

The village is listed on the 2014 World Monuments Watch in order to raise the awareness of Hong Kong citizens to its historical conservation and to protect the cultural heritage left there. It is the first historical site of Hong Kong to be listed by the World Monuments Fund.

When talking about Pokfulam Village, its traditional Fire Dragon Dance, which is held every Mid-Autumn Festival, must not be ignored. It is an annual tradition of the village with a long history. The villagers believe the dance can bring blessings to the community.

Nonetheless, the village is currently facing redevelopment plans, which will affect the whole community and may even destroy the long-standing culture and history that developed for hundreds of years. Thus, it is important for the residents, even the citizens and government, to pay attention to helping conserve the village, for not letting such precious legacy disappear.

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