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Why don’t skateboarders skate in the skatepark?

Skateboarding, an extreme sport, an art form, a recreational activity, and a method of transportation, has embedded a sense of rebellion and bravery in its own unique spirit. The major development and expansion in skateboarding is demonstrated by its inclusion as a new programme in the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games and in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, but the conflicts between citizens and street skaters seem to be insoluble.

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Food Packaging in Hong Kong: Zero Waste VS. Plastics

You can’t look on Facebook nowadays without seeing videos of people promoting their zero waste lifestyle. The trend and lifestyle form has become a concept worldwide. But just to clarify here it is in a nutshell. Zero waste living is, as the name states, a form of living where a household produces no (or as little as possible) waste. Now this may seem obvious, but there is a lot more to it than buying shampoo that isn’t in a bottle.