The ‘UNBELIBUBBLE’ Tea Stores in Hong Kong

Try the Mudflip Milk Tea from Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea

Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea, Causeway Bay

After a decent meal, it is in human nature, or to be precise, my nature to have a desert as a follow up. Today, I present to you the stunning bubble tea stores all over the Hong Kong Island.

Started in the 1980s in Taiwan, bubble tea has been around Hong Kong for awhile. However, recently the boom of these delicious bubble teas struck all around the Hong Kong island.

The most advantageous aspect that bubble tea surpasses other Hong Kong deserts in is the unique combination of solid and liquid elements. The Tapioca pearls of the bubble tea invites the consumers to nibble on sweet, solid ingredients and at the same time, flavorful milk tea fills their mouth.

Presotea offers more than 50 types of drinks that are too good not to try

Presotea, Tsim Tsa Tsui

In addition to the exclusive ingest of this awesome desert, bubble tea is easily accessible. Unlike those of other popular deserts like egg tarts or mango puddings, bubble tea is convenient to carry around and consume.

Bubble tea, uses certain quantities of ice, milk, cooked Tapioca Pearls and distinct syrups that suit the taste of the consumers and produce a variety of bubble tea accordingly. The variety includes: Black Tea, Green Tea, White Tea, Oolong Tea and etc. But the most popular type, without doubt: “The Brown Sugar Bubble Tea.”

Brown Sugar Deerioca Milk from The Alley

The Alley, Tsim Tsa Tsui

The Brown Sugar Bubble Tea, as the name suggests, uses hot brown sugar mixed with milk to create a smooth, sweet taste of a bubble tea. As the usage of brown sugar gained popularity, more stores started to produce their own style of brown sugar bubble tea.

Stores like The Alley, and Tiger Sugar have started to have their distinguishing style of brown sugar bubble tea, where even now, people stand in a massive crowd, holding their number tags just to get a taste of this marvelous tea.

Delicious brown sugar bubble teas from Tiger Sugar

Tiger Sugar, Causeway Bay

“I waited around 30 minutes just to get this brown sugar bubble tea. I came all the way from HKU station just to get this desert with my girlfriend.” says Jay, HKU Bachelor of Arts student. “The taste of the brown sugar is very strong and long lasting. As a sugar lover, I cannot resist but to taste it once more,” added Jay.

As bubble tea’s popularity in Hong Kong continues to rise, it is extremely important not to forget about one’s own health. Although a suitable amount of this wonderful desert doesn’t hurt, overconsumption of it will definitely have negative outcome.

But remember, as the trend of the bubble tea continues, more variety of drink will be released. Make sure to be up to date and experience the trend yourself. Most importantly, do not forget to enjoy!

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