The annual HK Flower Show starts today: what to expect under the shadow of COVID-19

In view of the latest development of COVID-19, the annual Hong Kong Flower Show is being held online this year to avoid the gathering of crowds and reduce social contact. The virtual exhibition will last for one month from today till 19 April on the Hong Kong Flower Show delicate website.

Screenshot of the Hong Kong Flower Show 2021 Official Website (Photo: Emily Luk)

Despite the flower show being held virtually, garden plots of different themes are set at Leisure and Cultural Services Department venues across 18 districts. People can still enjoy the wonderful flower view in person in each designated park and browse the whole flower show online.

The overall theme this year is ‘City of Flowers, City of Love’. There are nine Oriental Style Garden plots and nine Western Style Garden plots altogether in 18 districts, together with the two thematic floral displays showing the theme flower rhododendron, and tulip at Tsim Sha Tsui and Central respectively.  

The garden plot in Chater Garden at Central is an Oriental Style one. Different kinds of flowers are set in a Japanese courtyard. It attracts some passersby to linger and take photos in front of the plot. 

The Yau Tsim Mong District plot in Kowloon Park at Tsim Sha Tsui is also another Oriental Style garden plot. It is larger in size compared to the one in Chater Garden. Apart from the Oriental pavilion, rockery and a small stone bridge are added as decorations to make the garden plot more exquisite. Flowers are in full bloom hence many people were attracted even the temperature was a bit high in the afternoon. 

The theme flower Rhododendron Display, which is one of the thematic floral displays, is located in Kowloon Park, the ornamental rhododendrons are cultivated in special shapes to form topiaries. 

Theme flower rhododendron display in Kowloon Park on March 19, 2021. (Photo: Emily Luk)

Different from the above-mentioned garden plots, the one located in Lai Chi Kok Park in Sham Shui Po is a Western Style plot. Decorations like mushrooms, butterflies are included in the garden plot. Many residents of the Sham Shui Po districts and also some photography enthusiasts were there to enjoy the floral displays.

It’s nice to have the flower show this year. Even it is arranged separately in each district, but it’s still good to continue this annual event in such a difficult time for Hong Kong people,”  said Mr. Leung, one of the visitors of the Sham Shui Po garden plot on the first day of the exhibition. “It’s so stress-relieving to see so many flowers during the springtime, isn’t it? I will certainly go to see the displays in other districts too.” He also added that he would recommend his friends and relatives to enjoy the event. 

Mr. Leung enjoys taking photos of flowers so he visits the garden plot on March 19, 2021, the first day of the exhibition. (Photo: Emily Luk)

Members of the public can vote online for their favourite oriental and western style garden plots respectively during the exhibition. Prize winners will be selected by a lucky draw from those who have voted for the winning districts. 

Hong Kong Flower Show is an annual event held by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. It has been held in March every year in Victoria Park since 2000. It was canceled for the first time due to the spread of COVID-19 last year. 

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