The series of campaigns laid out by the government have aroused mixed opinions about the Food carnival in Kwai Fong

A food booth owner selling pancake in the Food Carnival. Photo Credit: Zulfaqar Samra

The nine day long food carnival in Kwai Chung concluded on 5th November. The food fair was rolled out over a series of initiatives under the Night Vibes Hong Kong Campaign.

Long lines were seen throughout the day at the Kwai Chung sports ground. Visitors could buy not only food but also electric appliances and health supplements.

More than 300 booths were open across 4 different zones; this year’s food carnival was the biggest in its history, organised by the Chinese Manufacturers Association of Hong Kong.

Some visitors complained that the location was not ideal and the overcrowding of the market made them unwilling to linger for too long. Alethea Wong said “It is so sunny and hot, with so many people it is even more stuffy, it would have been better if the event was held in the Kwai Chung plaza with air con.”

After four years, the organisers also brought back tasting and live cooking of street food after the pandemic. Which is the part most visitors were keen about. Moreover, this year’s carnival was opened from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., running for an extra hour.

A father and son enjoying the street food sold in the Food Carnival. Photo credit: Zulfaqar Samra

A small booth selling street food said the extra hour has boosted sales and as compared to last year the number of people and sales have increased, he can make as much as $10,000 per day.

People visiting after 7 p.m. were exempted from the $5 entry fee. With free admission for children and elderly aged 65 or above.

“I hope the extended hours help promote the night time economy and they would visit after work to buy and taste the food at the fair,” said Allen Shi, The President of the Chinese Manufacturers Association of Hong Kong.

At the culinary event, Algeron Yau, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development of Hong Kong said “Campaigns such as Happy Hong Kong and Food Carnival as well as other mega international events, have revived the local retail and market sentiment. The total amount of sales surged 20 percent in the first 8 months of this year.”

Yau further said, “Local consumption will be the driving force in the city’s economic growth.”

Two elderly women looking at discounted food. Photo Credit: Zulfaqar Samra

A booth selling Chinese sausages shared that, “The $1 dollar sausages were out of stock in two to three minutes.” Discounted products were popular among people.

However, another stall exhibitor of Yuan Li Trading, who sells dry goods said sales declined as similar events such as the Happy Hong Kong night market event was held recently.

A resident of Kwai Chung, Chen, 52, was seen leaving with a trolley full of food and health products, she said she visits every year and will come again next year.

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