On October 28, The University of Hong Kong hosted their annual Information Day for Undergraduate Admissions. The event achieved exceptional reception, attracting approximately 85,000 visitors to their campus, consisting mostly of secondary students, teachers and parents.

An image of Upper University Street at The University of Hong Kong, packed with eager visitors. (Credit: The University of Hong Kong.)

A large variety of activities were organised for prospective students and the general public to gain insight into the university’s latest developments, to learn the most updated programme and admissions information, as well as getting a chance to experience HKU’s international learning environment and immerse themselves in the unique culture.

This included undergraduate admissions talks for JUPAS and non-JUPAS students, exhibitions, learning facilities tours, interactive workshops, program information booths, cutting-edge technology and experiment demonstrations, etc. Visitors were also invited to tailor-make tote bags that were exclusively HKU merch designs.

Prospective students watched as a number of experiment demonstrations were conducted on campus during the event. (Credit: The University of Hong Kong.)

Much of iDAY’s success can be attributed to the university’s student ambassadors, who took charge of planning, organising and leading the full day of activities and talks.

Catharina Putri, a year 2 Architecture student said: “The atmosphere was incredibly remarkable. The university students and members showed great enthusiasm while interacting with the visitors and responding to their inquiries. It was astonishing to witness how the public truly prioritizes education, as seen from their eagerness during the event.”

Some staff and visitors may have noticed a staple of the institution was missing on this day, a sight that is not uncommon on campus even on a regular school day. Out of respect for the recent passing of a premier of the People’s Republic of China, all celebratory occasions including band and dance performances were called off for iDAY. However, a buzzing atmosphere and vibrant ambience could still be felt across their campus.

An image showing the admissions campaign slogan could be seen all across campus and on the merch being distributed. (Credit: The University of Hong Kong.)

An event like this one undoubtedly brings together the whole community, from teaching staff, students and the general public, further inspiring individuals to continue to be passionate and curious in their intellectual endeavours.

iDAY was a wonderful opportunity to showcase and reaffirm The University of Hong Kong as one of the top tertiary education institutions in Asia, with its goal of equipping future global leaders to excel in various fields.

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