MTR Door Detachment: MTR incidents have happened frequently in recent years

A serious incident happened on MTR on 13th November at Yau Ma Tei MTR Station. Two sets of doors ripped off an MTR carriage of the Tsuen Wan Line train bound for Central. Services from Jordan Station to Lai King Station were suspended all day.

Train service resumes normal in Yau Ma Tei Station the next day after the incident (14th November). Photo: Chloe Leung

The derailment happened at around 9:30am when the train was entering the Yau Ma Tei platform, and multiple doors came off. A 78-year-old woman suffered from hand abrasions and was sent to the hospital. 750 passengers were evacuated immediately, but around 150 passengers walked through the tunnel to Mong Kok Station, Firefighters said.

Smoke came from the doors after the incident. Firefighters and MTR engineers were dispatched to the Yau Ma Tei station to repair the damaged doors. To solve the inconvenience, MTR provided free shuttle buses at Prince Edward Station, Jordan Station, and Lai King Station.

Jacob Kim, the CEO of MTR corporation, said, “a detailed report will be carried out with the investigation of the experts as soon as possible.”

Cathy Chan, a passenger who frequently transfers at Yau Mai Tei station, said, “I am shocked about the case. I never thought this would happen, I will avoid standing next to the door when taking the MTR from now on.”

After 12 hours of urgent repairs, the services of Tsuen Wan Line resumed normally on the morning of 14th November. The first train departed under safety conditions and the order of the Tsuen Wan line was smooth.

Apart from the MTR train doors detachment, several severe MTR incidents have happened in recent years. Most of them took place on the major route of the MTR services such as the East Rail line, the Island line, the Kwun Tong line, and the Tuen Ma line. All these accidents greatly affected the mobility of Hong Kong citizens.

Meanwhile, an escalator accident happened at Chai Wan Station on the same day. Surrealhk, an Instagram account which is famous for posting edited images, merged the two MTR accidents to generate a photoshopped photo called “Today’s incidents”.  

Feature image: Kelvin Cheung/@港鐵車迷討論區Facebook

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