Egg-cellent Activities to do in the Easter Holidays in Hong Kong

Dyed eggs in baskets, chocolate eggs, bunny ears, and pastel colors with the smell of fresh air — Spring is around the corner and so is Easter.

Easter, also known as Pascha, is one of the most significant holidays for Christian. With the aim to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus from his death, many countries including Hong Kong celebrate Easter as a national holiday. This year, the holidays start from April 15th, the Good Friday to April 18th, the Easter Monday.

Below is a selection of different activities and events taking place in Hong Kong over the Easter Holidays.


The Peninsula Hotel

Photo: The Peninsula Hotel

With its name of “Spring Escapade” Easter Staycation, The Peninsula Hotel this year provides a staycation package that includes accommodation in its plush Deluxe Rooms, a daily set breakfast for two guests, and a HK$ 1,000 dining credit which can be used at the hotel restaurants during the stay.

Moreover, the guests for this year’s Easter Staycation can enjoy either a complimentary consecutive night or a room upgrade to a Superior Harbor View Suite with an additional aroma bath setup.

What’s more, to amplify the family-friendly pleasure of the Easter holidays, the hotel offers a photo booth session with the hotel’s mascot ‘Pen Bear’. The bear will appear on 16 and 17 April to welcome the guest. The guests can even enjoy GIF stickers of this bear through social media including Instagram, WhatsApp, and WeChat.

  • When: available for booking from 4 April until 30 April 2022
  • Where: The Peninsula Hong Kong, Salisbury Road, Kowloon
  • Price: from HK$ 4,480
  • Contact: Online website

The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

While the Pennisula Hotel offers its guests a relaxation experience through its staycation package, the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong celebrates the easter holidays through its use of social media, Instagram specifically.

Using the feature of ‘Instagram stories’, Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong hosts a virtual Easter egg hunt. That is, the followers of Ritz-Carlton will see the Instagram stories that include one of the panoramic views of the hotel with easter eggs. By replying to the story, the participants are to guess how many eggs appeared in that Instagram story.

The winner is chosen daily and receives a prize that includes easter delights at the Ritz-Carlton such as Easter Chicken and Praline Chocolate.

在 Instagram 查看這則貼文


In addition to the virtual easter celebration, the hotel also offers easter dining in its restaurants such as MICHELIN-starred Tosca di Angelo, rooftop bar Ozone, Cafe 103, and The Lounge & Bar.

Especially in its Ozone bar, not only will the guests enjoy its Easter brunch with fresh sashimi, but their children can also enjoy face and hand painting sessions and Easter egg hunting after their meal.

  • When: from 12 April to 17 April 2022
  • Where: The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, International Commerce Centre, 1 Austin Road West
  • Price: free of charge
  • Contact: Online website

Baking class

Baking Maniac

Baking Maniac website

Baking Maniac”, a baking studio run by the team of a mother and son, is holding an Easter baking camp over a mere selling of easter confectionaries.

Holding for four days, the camp includes baking activities in which family and friends can participate together as a team and learn some basic baking skills.

在 Instagram 查看這則貼文

Baking Maniac(@bakingmaniachk)分享的貼文

The participants are to learn to bake coconut and chocolate chip blondies with easter eggs while learning to bake pavlovas and decorate easter cookies on the second day. Day 3 includes learning how to bake lemon meringue tart and decorate 3D chocolate Easter eggs; on the last day of the camp, the participants will bake cupcakes and sculpt 3D Easter-themed toppers. They can, of course, bring all these confectionaries home to share their experiences with their family and friends.

  • When: 12 April to 15 April 2022, 10-12 pm
  • Where: Baking Maniac, 5C, Kwai Bo Industrial Building, 40 Wong Chuk Hang Road
  • Admission: Booking online in advance
  • Price: HK$ 4,600

Lazy Baking Studio
In addition to the baking camp by Baking Maniac, Lazy Baking Studio, a cakery studio that specializes in baking-at-home packages, launches Easter D.I.Y. Sets for those who rather wish to stay at home during the break.

Lazy Baking Studio website

Naming the package “Branches Love”, the studio offers threefold Easter decorating kits: cupcakes, cookies, and a cake.

When it comes to Cookie D.I.Y. Set, it comes with a watercolor painting that draws “Branches Love” from Macron Love Painting that expresses the love and warmth of the Easter holidays. The “Branches Love” Easter Cookie D.I.Y. Set includes different cookies with Easter-related shapes such as Easter Egg, Bunny, Carrot, and ribbon bow.

在 Instagram 查看這則貼文

Lazy Baking Studio(@lazybaking)分享的貼文

The customers can decorate these cookies themselves with royal icing in colors of pink, yellow, green, and white. They can further decorate the cookies with other sprinkles and confetti.

  • When: 26 March to 20 April 2022
  • Where/contact: Online website
  • Price: from HK$ 398 to HK$ 1,280

Easter holidays for adults

Dragon water HK

While most of the aforementioned activities mainly target children and families, Dragon Water HK suggests a different Easter celebration for adults: the Adult Easter Dragon Egg Hun.

Dragon water HK website

To participate in Dragon Water’s Hunt-at-Home for Easter, the customers are to buy 24 cans of Dragon Water. Then they’re asked to number the can 1-24 with a marker and to hide those cans around their house. There are different scores or instructions for each number; for example, number 1 signifies “you owe thee pot $20”, while number 10 signifies “pick someone to give you $20”.

After hiding, other players – preferably adults who can pay – with cash are to find those cans. When the players have found all the cans, the participants can line up the cans and calculate their scores in accordance with the numbers and designated instructions.

By providing such a package that can be easily enjoyed at home, Dragon Water HK also holds a hast tag promotion, #HuntDragonWater, so that the customers can share their experiences on Dragon Hunt-at-Home for Easter.

  • Price: HK$ 480 for Drang Water Variety Pack (x24)
  • Contact: Online website

Even though there are few Easter markets or Easter Egg hunts on site due to the tightening social distancing policies in Hong Kong, there still are a variety of egg-straordinary activities to do for Hong Kongers celebrating the Easter holidays!

(Feature photo: Getty Images/ Rike)

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