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Game-changing sustainable Period Product Brands in Hong Kong

Getting your first period can be an exciting and nerve-wrecking moment, and many of us certainly remember the emotions we went through when Mother Nature gave us its first surprise visit. Find out how we can shift from traditional sanitary products to more sustainable ones, making it safer for us and the earth when it’s that time of the month!

Traditionally-used sanitary products not only can be harmful to the environment but also to our bodies, as most of them tend to contain chemicals that we might not be aware of. Sometimes, these non-organic products can cause period symptoms that are rather unpleasant, not to forget how much waste is produced each year when mensruators use disposable sanitary products. There are some brands in Hong Kong that have taken on the challenge of promoting sustainable period products in Hong Kong.

1.     LÜUNA Naturals

Organic Cotton Core Tampons by LUÜNA Naturals

LUÜNA Naturals offers period care products such as the Menstrual Cup and Tampons that not only feel good while using them, but also that are healthy for the environment. Their products are made up of skin-friendly and organic materials, so not only are you treating your body well, you are doing so while taking care of the planet. They have provided over 30,000 organic cotton pad to vulnerable communities to tackle the issue of period poverty in Asia.

2.     BamPads!

Denim Print Reusable Pad by BamPads!

Bampads! was started with the mission to provide and promote the use of reusable pads, as they are softer on the skin and better for the environment. Their pads are made up of chemical free, super-absorbent products that are sustainable. Over 14,000 – 18,000 pads are used per menstrator in one lifetime, and each pad takes over 500 years to decompose! Shifting from the use of disposable pads to the reusable ones will decrease that to 5-6 pads per year.

3.     Live Zero 

Butterfly Print Reusable Mentrual Pads by Live Zero

Live Zero is Hong Kong’s first-ever and largest zero waste bulk store, they offer a wide range of products from different brands, all of them being free from packaging!

They also offer a vast variety of sustainable period products, all the way from period panties to menstrual cups. With the goal to offer organic and natural goods that are not only beneficial to our bodies but also the environment.

4.     Dharti Mata 

Colourful Printed Reusable Cloth Mats made by women in Nepal

Dharti Mata directly translates to “Mother Earth” in Hindi and Nepali, and this social enterprise that offers workshops to educate the public about sustainable period products. They offer products such as reusable sanitary pads, as well as cloth mats for nights with heavier flows! Materials used for their products and workshops are locally sourced in Nepal, and the amazing colourful reusable pads and mats are all handmade by the local women there.

5.     MCup HK 

Mentrual Cup by MCupHK

MCup HK encourages women to look after their intimate parts just as they would take care of their skin. It has been constantly stressed by healthcare workers that the traditional pads we use contain a lot of chemicals that are harmful to our skin, causing rashness and making us feel uneasy. MCup HK emphasizes the use of sustainable period products, that are safe and comfortable for us to use, keeping us happy when it’s that time of the month!

While it’s important for us to use soft and skin-friendly period products when we are on our periods, let’s do so by using ones that are safe for our planet as well. Check what materials the products are made of before purchasing, and find some that suit your monthly needs. There’s no doubt that period products can be rather pricey, switching to period panties or a diva cup might be the most economical decision. Check out the brands above to see how you can help breakdown these barriers in a much more sustainable way!

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