Local Films Feature at Hong Kong Asian Film Festival 2020

As the world has been suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic, where we have all seemed to be standing in solitude, the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival has made it their mission to stand in solidarity with filmmakers worldwide. Despite the difficult times in the past year, these filmmakers managed to produce impeccable films that are showcased at the Festival.

Hosting films from 16 countries, the Festival is held from November 3 to 22 this year. Among the 11 sections of different themes and genres, 4 of the films are produced by Hong Kong’s filmmakers.

1. 手捲煙 Hand Rolled Cigarettes

Nominated for 7 Golden Horse Awards, Hand Rolled Cigarettes is chosen as the opening film for the Festival. The film is a story about loyalty and brotherhood. The bromance drama is about a former Hong Kong Military Service Corps officer, who is caught in a manhunt, as he takes in an ethnic South Asian man with stolen drugs.

Hand Rolled Cigarettes, Photo/ Hong Kong Asian Film Festival

2. 一秒拳王 One Second Champion

Directed by Chiu Sin-hang, who is also the lead vocalist in a local band called ToNick, the film is about a single father who has a special gift. He can see one second into the future. When his special power is uncovered, a boxing fanatic approaches him and asks him to use his power in the boxing ring. This is chosen as the closing film for the Festival.

One Second Champion, Photo/ Hong Kong Asian Film Festival

3. 殘影空間 Shadows

As a pre-festival screening activity, the film is a psychological thriller about a forensic psychiatrist who has the ability to enter a person’s subconscious. In her latest investigation, the psychiatrist spots another psychiatrist as a suspect for a murder-suicide of a social worker. Together with facing the trauma from her past, she becomes one of the suspects as a police detective continues with the investigation.

Shadows, Photo/ Hong Kong Asian Film Festival

4. 誠惶 (不) 誠恐,親愛的 Fear(less) and Dear

This film is a documentary about Hong Kong. Sparked by the Anti-extradition bill movement and coupled with COVID-19 pandemic, Hong Kong has been facing its toughest times started in summer last year. Three local artists shared their views on how arts reflect the social tension and our own feelings and thoughts.

Fear(less) and Dear, Photo/ Hong Kong Asian Film Festival

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(Feature Image: Photo/ Hong Kong Asian Film Festival)

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