Innovation of MASK FACTORY – MF Living concept store

MF Living concept store is an innovation of MASK FACTORY, one of the famous brands of producing face masks that are ‘made in Hong Kong’. The shop has just opened and attracted a large number of Hongkongers. It offers customers with a new shopping experience of face masks, as well as a chance to design their own masks.

The setup of the store is similar to that of a candy shop, where customers have much freedom to choose what they want. Over 200 choices are offered to them, along with some special editions like Halloween, B-duck and to name but a few. Various kinds of products are sold in the concept store, including B99, V99 and K99 face masks for both adults and children. Advantages of different kinds of face masks are explained to the customers by shop assistants.

The most significant feature of this store is the mini factory which can produce face masks instantly. This is the first time a complete production line of face masks appears in a highly accessible store in Hong Kong. The clean room is in the condition of barotropy as the air outside is filtered by Fan Filter Unit (FFU) and HEPA filter. The room is recognised as STC ISO14644-1 Class 8, which meets the standard for manufacturing face masks.

The mini factory attracted a number of customers as they have the chances to get inside and DIY their own face masks. Not only can they choose the colours and patterns of both the masks and the ear loops, but also the words to be imprinted on them. Customers can wear protective coats and go into the clean room to witness the whole process of producing masks which are within specifications.

MF Living concept store can be seen as a new attempt to add one more layer of meaning to ‘face masks’. Face masks can be more than protection from COVID-19 — they can be part of the fashion. MASK FACTORY tells people that masks can be something good looking or even personal through the establishment of the store.

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