Found: The very first CBD Cafe in Hong Kong

Located in a quiet neighborhood in Sheung Wan, Found is the very first CBD cafe in Hong Kong. It is certainly not the easiest cafe to be found. After getting off from the nearest MTR station, you have to walk through the maze-like stairs for 10 minutes. But once you see it, you will be amazed by the reward – an escape from the hustle and bustle. 

Surrounded by nature, Found is a modern and relaxing space with the mission to provide a new path to everyday wellness. The cafe offers a wide range of CBD products, such as CBD oil, energy bar, and even CBD-infused dog treats.

The counter of Found. Staff are making drinks for the customers. Photo by Cherry Chung

CBD, a short form for cannabidiol, is a natural compound derived from the hemp plant. Hemp is often confused with marijuana. Although both come from the same family, these two plants are very different. In contrast to marijuana, CBD is a non-intoxicating ingredient that individuals will not get high when consuming.

According to the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance in Hong Kong, CBD is not under the list of dangerous drugs and can be legally bought and sold in pure form in Hong Kong. Consumers can also get health benefits from consuming CBD. Research conducted by the World Health Organisation pointed out that CBD can help relieve chronic pain, balance emotions, appetite, stress, and sleep.

The cafe offers a wide range of products, from coffee to essential oil. Photo by Cherry Chung.

Found hopes to battle the misconceptions around CBD and spread the positive effects of it to the public. Customers can also speak to the knowledgeable staff to learn more about how the compound can work for them from their first-hand experience. 

Ashley Yau is a regular customer of Found who always grabs a fresh juice or coffee after working out. Originally, she just wanted to try out the new cafe but was later amazed by the improvement of her sleep quality after drinking it for a week. 

“I used to wake up in the middle of the night, but I feel like I am a bit less tense after drinking it,” said Yau. 

Juice sold in Found which contains 20mg CBD. It is one of the most popular products in the store. Photo by Cherry Chung

She is now a regular customer of the cafe and plans on trying more products from Found, particularly the CBD oil. 

Many people also wonder how CBD-infused food and drinks taste. It actually does not impact much on the taste. Yau mentioned that it brings out a slight bitterness although it was not obvious. 

Whilst some people may still take a sceptical view on CBD products, the cafe has been gaining popularity as seen from its rapidly growing followers on Instagram. If you are interested in knowing more about CBD, Found is a great place for you to experience the benefits of CBD for the very first time.

(Feature Image by Cherry Chung)

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