The Best Mooncakes for Everyone to Enjoy in This Mid-Autumn 2020

Mooncake season is around the corner. Falling on October 1 this year, it is this time of year again when mooncakes rule supreme. Mid-Autumn Festival has always been the day for reunions with family and friends, gazing at the moon and indulging in some festive food together. 

While mooncakes are one of the most important elements of the festival, not everyone is able to enjoy this delicacy, especially those who suffered from swallowing problems. In sight of this, a newly formed social enterprise – Mealingful has introduced a new form of mousse mooncakes this year, allowing them to enjoy equal opportunities of celebrating this festival together. 

Mealingful is a social enterprise founded by four university students, that aims to deliver decent soft meals to every corner of the society. On top of regular soft meals, they have introduced mousse mooncakes this year, aiming to allow people with swallowing difficulties to share the joy of the festival together. 


Soft mousse mooncakes in 4 different flavours for people with swallowing difficulties, photo by Mealingful

“We believed that every meal is meaningful. We hope that everyone on the dinning desk could enjoy the same kind of delicacy together, including people with swallowing problems.” says Jackson Lo, one of the founders of Mealingful, “mid-Autumn Festival is one important festival, and I am sure they would love to have a taste of the traditional festive food as well.” 

The mooncakes include four kinds of flavours, from white lotus, red beans, salted duck eggs yolk and a mix of all. The products are made by blending the ingredients into paste and mold them into the shape of mooncakes. 

Jackson stated that the mooncakes do not cater for elderly people only, but all sorts of patients suffering from swallowing problems, including those who are recovering from stroke and people with Alzheimer’s disease that affect their ability to consume solid food etc. He added that their products are also suitable to people with diabetes as the mooncakes are low in sugar.


The mousse mooncake looks no difference than the traditional ones, photo by Mealingful

The set costs $100, in a box of four. Place your order via their website.

Aside from mousse mooncakes, restaurants and hotels this year are competing hard to come up with creative fillings for the mooncakes. Fed up with nostalgic pastry featuring salted duck egg yolk or lotus paste? Feather & Bone, a famous steakhouse in Hong Kong has developed their brand new version of savoury Pork Mooncakes. The brand new version is stuffed with bacon, spiced with fragrant nutmeg, sage, thyme and garlic. Sure this would be suitable for someone that would love a little surprise and difference this year.


Brand new style of mooncakes stuffed with bacon, photo by Feather and Bones

The set of 2 pieces, costing $178 in total are available for preorder only starting from September 1. Contact their shop manager or order online.

Creative fillings certainly worth a try. But why not going all out and indulging in a luxurious version filled with caviar and truffles? The Royal Caviar Club has introduced one of the most expensive mooncakes in the world. They have made mooncakes using black truffle, lobster, onion, truffled potato in a soft snow skin outer coating. With only 1000 boxes available for purchase, each box of four costs a total of HKD 1800.


A fusion of Chinese mooncakes with luxurious ingredients of caviar, photo by: Royal Caviar Club

Order online and enjoy free and fast delivery to Hong Kong before the festival. 

Hopefully, alongside all these new flavours of mooncakes, this year could be exceptionally meaningful to bring everyone some cheer in these bleak times.

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