The Annual Spook-tacular Party in Hong Kong: Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2019

The Halloween-themed decor added spooky vibes even during the daytime.

Following the success of last year’s Halloween Fest, this year’s day& night extravaganza at Ocean Park, Hong Kong, turns the regular park into a dark haunting ground at 5:00pm on selected dates from Oct 14th to 31st as the night falls! It was really an immersive haunted experience as quoting the official website “Ghostly encounters can happen anywhere – there are no boundaries!” Even during the daytime before the transformation, there are Halloween-themed decorations everywhere and frightening characters walking about to remind people: Hey, are you ready for some Halloween adventures?

This year’s park also makes a great effort in an attempt to attract more families by launching a few attractions targeting younger children. As it is mainly divided into two themes: the family one during the day and the scary one at night, those kid-friendly features which are immersive, interactive, and creative will later transform into their dark& spooky versions after 5pm.

Line Friends Candy Adventure merchandise attracted a lot of children.

What other experiences that also make the visit so worth-it are the Halloween limited-edition merchandise, delicacies, and special performances. Those Halloween themed food and souvenirs are really suitable for family and kids. There’s a performance schedule available online for tourists to check beforehand in order to make most of the shows they plan to check out.

The fire dance down the Thrill Mountain

As the regular park converts into a collection of the six haunted zones at night, The scares escalate all the way to the terrifying crescendo at 10:30pm. What also going all the way to the climax is the number of tourists lining up for different attractions. We interviewed some people while lining up for the most popular “madhouse” attraction called H14. A local lady with her daughter stated “it was not that crowded given the current situation in Hong Kong basically. you could get three fast passes in total on the mobile app if you come to the Park early enough in the morning”.

The “insane asylum patient” character coming out of nowhere.

Updates: However, In a statement issued on Wednesday night to announce the cancellation of the Halloween Fest event scheduled for Thursday night, the park cited the current unrest social situation together with the possibility of public protests being held at different areas of Hong Kong Island such as the actors called for a strike and demonstrators planned to march in protest against a controversial mask ban. Although the tourists can visit the official website to refund their tickets, a large number of yearly pass holders are expressing their dissatisfaction and disappointment.

cancel event

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