A Taste of Home: Celebrate Double Tenth Day in this local Taiwanese restaurant.


Welcome home! Today is the National Day of the Republic of China, as it commemorates the start of the Wuchang Uprising of 10 October 1911, which led to the end of the Qing Dynasty in China. People usually gather together and have delicious local cuisines for celebration.

Want to have some real Taiwanese food? Check “Azhuma 阿嬤” out!


Located in the intersection of Centre Street and Queen’s Road West, Sai Ying Pun, Azhuma originates from Taiwan and newly opened branches in Hong Kong and the UK. Azhu is the owner’s name, while Ma means granny in dialect.


“I want everyone to feel our cuisines as if their grannies made it. The taste of home.” Azhu said.

Azhu tends to promote local featured food to people around the world. She hopes to bring warmth to everyone through the recipes she invented. Every material and ingredient used is flown directly from Taiwan.

“The reason why we do so is to let our customers taste the cuisines in the most real and original way.” Azhu added, “These are what I made for my children back in Taiwan.”


Braised Pork on rice with soft-boiled eggs

The most recognized cuisine is the braised pork on rice ($28). The braised pork is well done but not overcooked. With made-from-scratch sauce, the smell of the braised pork becomes more intense and enticing.


The Classic Brown Stewed Beef Sliced Noodle

Another significant cuisine in Azhuma is the Classic Brown Stewed Beef Sliced Noodle Soup ($58). The handmade sliced noodle is very chewy but not bland as it absorbs the soup and becomes juicy. With the tender stewed beef, the combination makes the noodle soup unforgettable.

Hot Combo Sampler

Here comes the Hot Combo Sampler ($58)! With all kinds of famous fried food: squid balls, popcorn chicken, sweet potato balls and Taiwanese sausages. You can taste all from savory to sweet, from chewy to crunchy, all in one piece!

Tempura/Fried Fish Cake

Tempura or fried fish cake as a featured Taiwanese side dish ($20), has been well known of its unique taste. With the saltiness on the base, the sweetness of the fish cake freshens your taste buds and lessens the greasy feeling. The springy texture of the fish cake will make you want to have another one right after.

Bring along your friends and have a taste of the decent Taiwanese local cuisines in Azhuma.

Azhuma ★★★☆

Atmosphere Clean and warm atmosphere, well decorated. Good Service. Opening hour Monday to Friday from 11:00 a.m-22:00 p.m
Noise level No background music inside. Quiet, an ideal place for deep talk. Wheelchair Difficult as the dining tables are packed with steps in front of the door
Menu https://www.facebook.com/azhumahk/ What the Stars Ratings range from zero to four stars.
Price $ Reservation Accepted on openrice. 

G/F 305, Queen’s Road West , Sai Ying Pun

Photo by KiKi Lam

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