The Drag Scene in Hong Kong

Two years ago, Absolut Vodka decided to sponsor the Hong Kong queer community. They started the tradition of Free Flow Wednesdays at Petticoat Lane, a gay bar in Lan Kwai Fong. Every “Wednesgay,” Absolut provides Petticoat Lane with gallons of vodka under the condition that they host a drag show. The drag show, a novelty in Hong Kong, was supposed to bring in a crowd. And it has.

Initially, there were only a few drag queens that performed on special occasions. However, over the past two years the Hong Kong drag scene has grown and there are now 15 active queens who perform seven days a week. Even exclusive clubs, like Ce La Vi, are inviting drag queens to host parties and entertain guests.

For the most part, the change is positive. More exposure to drag has made people more accepting of the LGBTQ community. Unfortunately, queens can also be objectified and fetishized, especially by straight men.

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