5 Eco-Friendly Skincare Brands from Hong Kong

Want to practice self-care, support local businesses, and take care of the environment all at the same time? Start simple by changing up your daily skincare routine. These 5 local Hong Kong beauty brands provide cruelty-free and eco-friendly products so your skin can forget the effects of Hong Kong humidity and feel more pampered than ever!

1. Coconut Matter

First on the list is Hong Kong-based brand Coconut Matter, which offers amazing all-natural products at affordable prices. They source from Fairtrade farmers who harvest from wild coconut trees growing in the Solomon Islands, remote and untouched by pollutants and chemicals. So you are probably getting the purest coconut oil in the world! Apart from that, Coconut Matter ensures that all products are organically made and do not perform animal testing. They sell a wide variety of skin and hair products from lip balms to body butters.

Product Spotlight: Their famous WILD Virgin Coconut Oil (HK$120) smells fantastic.  You can use it to keep hair feeling silky but also to remove makeup or give your body an extra shot of moisture.

2. Clara Yeung Skincare

Clara Yeung Skincare provides a complete range of luxury quality skincare products, all made exclusively by its founder Clara Yeung. Every product is individually tailored to suit each customer’s skin type and needs. While the products are handmade with Fair Trade ingredients, the packaging does not lack a luxurious and clean feeling.

Clara Yeung Skincare offers a wide variety of facial products including toner, moisturizer, exfoliators, cleansing oil, eye cream, and serums. Check out her Facebook Page or find her at local markets and fairs.

Product Spotlight: Clara’s Chamomile & Calendula Gentle Cleansing Oil works wonders when removing makeup on sensitive skin, and is essentially the all-natural, toxin-free version of the popular Shu Uemura’s cleansing oil!

3. Bathe to Basics

Bathe to Basics focuses on providing high quality, natural soaps, and shower products good for the skin and the earth. In their workshop at Tai Po, they make soaps with the unique method centered around the handmade ‘cold process’ philosophy. This method preserves the nutrients and active properties of natural ingredients by keeping the temperatures lower than 40°C. In addition, all their products from bar soaps to foaming face wash can biodegrade in water within 24 hours, which means no clogging up waterways or damaging marine life with chemicals!

Product Spotlight: Their new Pomelo Leaf Soap Bar puts an eco-friendly and cute twist on the Chinese tradition of taking pomelo leaf bath or shower before the New Year!

4. Purearth

Sourcing ingredients such as apricots and rosehips directly from Himalayan farmers, Purearth supports global communities while providing high quality, natural skincare, and oil products. Purearth also founded a Pure Purpose Foundation which supports social impact projects and empowerment of marginalized producer groups. Their product line ranges from face masks, creams, and oils to body butter, all packaged in French violet-glass giving the brand its luxurious look.

Product Spotlight: The best selling Mitti Face Masque helps brighten and tone skin and is made with great ingredients such as raw organic honey, antioxidant cacao, and certified organic Ayurvedic clays.

5. Flower2Grass2 by We Are NO Expert

Check out these cute, chemical-free products made with natural aromatherapy ingredients in Hong Kong! They are from Flower2Grass2,  a skincare line created by We Are NO Expert. We Are NO Expert is an online green living blog and company that showcases at markets and shopping centers around Hong Kong.

The Flower2Grass2 line includes all skincare needs such as aloe vera gel, facial polish, body oil,  hand cream, eye cream, make-up remover, facial toner spray, and face masks. Organic We offers a wide range of their products in Mong Kok or you can also order online via their web site.

Product Spotlight: The Kefir Yogurt Mask is your solution to Hong Kong summer breakouts from the humidity! The main ingredient, Kefir, is an antioxidant superfood made from yeast that helps calm and brightens red, irritated skin.

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