The Spooky Season is Upon Us: Best Picks for Halloween 2021

The spooky season has finally begun with continuous summer days ahead. Most activities in the city have reopened in response to the relaxation of COVID-19 regulations this year. Find out the best picks for Halloween 2021 in Hong Kong! 

Theme Parks

Disney Halloween Time

Halloween celebrations in theme parks are finally back this year after two years of cancellations. The Hong Kong Disneyland proudly presents Halloween Time. Iconic villains from classic Disney movies are also glad to announce their comeback after a long break. Let’s celebrate a wicked Halloween again in Disneyland!

Adventureland will become a Wicked Fun Party Zone during Halloween, with the “warmest” greetings from Disney’s iconic villains such as Loki, the god of mischief, Ursula, the sea witch, and Gaston, the hunter. Beware of their sudden jump scares during your selfie times! Don’t forget to greet them with respect. The Halloween exclusive musical show, Let’s Get Wicked also features all Disney villains who will perform on stage. 

Duration: 17th September to 31st October 2021
Admission: Hong Kong Disneyland has announced the “Double the Fun” promotion, which allows admissions for two times at $699.

Ocean Park Halloween Fest

With the theme of New Normal • New Hallow, Ocean Park Hong Kong promises to get your hearts pumping with new interactive experiences instead of traditional haunted houses. This year also marks the 20th year of Halloween Fest in Ocean Park Hong Kong. 

To celebrate its 20th year anniversary, the 20 Years of Horror exhibition at Applause Pavilion, the Waterfront will exhibit various regional depictions of Halloween. The exhibition will display over 23 designs, specified in Chinese, Japanese, Mexican and Western styles. Each section displays the most iconic Halloween costumes worn in the past. The Old Hong Kong’s Murder Mysteries will also bring visitors to travel back in time to investigate a murder case that happened in Hong Kong in the 1960s. Hints will be provided to guests by hawkers’ stores located along the streets of Old Hong Kong. 

Survivors of the Undead will be wandering along the Broadwalk of Ocean Park after the mutation of human genes. Visitors will receive the mission to enter the wasteland of the undead, discovering the vial that will encounter the mutation of human races. Make sure to protect yourself from the attacks of the undead! If not, who knows what’ll happen……

Duration: 1st to 31st October 2021 (except Tuesdays) for daytime experience, 14th to 17th, 22nd to 24th and 29th to 31st October 2021 for day-and-nighttime experience
Admission: $498 per ticket, extra $280 for Halloween combo ticket, granting you unlimited access to 3 Halloween Fest attractions, including Survivor of the Undead, Forbidden Rainforest Treasure Hunt and The Supernatural Ghost Tour. 


The Mills: “Immersive Journey of Junji Ito”

October kicks off with the exhibition “Immersive Journey of Junji Ito”, presented by the Mills in Tsuen Wan. Shedding a light, Junji Ito is a Japanese horror comic artist (mangaka), also known as the Japanese master of horror. While horror comics are available everywhere, Junji Ito is capable of maintaining his reputation through unique elements of surrealism and bizarreness that appear in his works. 

The Mills proudly presents his legend in the month of horror. Featuring some of his most famous work, the exhibition brings you right to his tales of terror. The five themes include “Lovesick Dead”, “Souichi’s Convenient Curse”, “Slug Girl”, “Town of No Roads” and “Tomie’s Haunted House.” Inside, genuine versions of story settings and life-size figures of characters will certainly bring horror scenes back to life. 

Duration: 1st to 31st October 2021
Location: The Annex, M/F, The Mills, 45 Pak Tin Par Street, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong.
Admission: $180 per ticket, available on

LARP Games

2nd Life HK: Horror-themed Games

LARP stands for live-action role-playing games, which are interactive games oriented on the setting of books, movies or directed scripts. 2nd Life HK is the first LARP game room in Hong Kong established this year. Apart from Western traditions of Halloween, 2nd Life HK offers exclusive games based on the settings of the Hungry Ghost Festival in October.

During the game, participants will be brought to the Hungry Ghost Festival celebrated in So Lo Pun village, an abandoned village that is rumoured to give nightmares. The sudden death of a female villager will bring you into a journey of investigation. Remember to find the exit, or else you are likely to be trapped in an infamous village for life……

The live-action game features settings of the Hungry Ghost Festival in October. (Photo by Hong Kong Commercial Daily)

Admission: $499 per ticket, available on盂蘭勝會/
Participant limit: 6-8 people

The Dark Pictures Anthology: An Interactive Game

Celebrating the third installment of the Dark Pictures Anthology series, you will be living the characters’ life within the newly launched interactive horror game. Starting from 9th October, the Bandai Namco Entertainment Hong Kong will crossover with the Golden Harvest Cinemas in launching the LARP game with themes based on the Dark Pictures Anthology series. Other than creating new plots by making your own choices, the Golden Harvest Cinemas also offers a leading-edge experience with rich sound effects. 

House of Ashes is the third installment of the Dark Pictures Anthology (Photo by Bandai Namco Entertainment)

Admission: Free of charge
Participant limit: 5 people
*Participants are required to be 18 years old or above.

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