A Perfect Bite: Banh Mi in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s got plenty of pho places, but where can you grab a good banh mi? Banh mi, meaning “bread” in Vietnamese also refers to a type of baguette sandwich in Vietnamese cuisine.

Banh mi is traditionally filled with pork sausage called “cha lua”, coriander, cucumber, pickled carrots, with pate and mayonnaise smeared on the baguette as condiments. Although it is perfect for a midday snack or a quick to-go lunch, there are only a handful of banh mi shops in Hong Kong.

We took a visit to Banh Mi Kitchen in Central to get an insider’s peek into the art of creating banh mi. From freshly prepared meats, in-house baked bread to Vietnamese coffee to go alongside your sandwich, learn more about Banh Mi Kitchen by watching the video below:

Located in Central, Banh Mi Kitchen could definitely quench your Banh Mi cravings. 

Feature Photo by green ant on Unsplash

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