5 Sweet White Day Games for Couples


White Day is a day that on March 14, one month after Valentine’s Day. In countries that observe White Day, Valentine’s Day typically entails girls presenting chocolate gifts to boys as an expression of love.

The coronavirus outbreak resulted in some couples being separated, with some measures to contain the virus. However, there are still some sweet White Day games that you can play with your loved one and spend some wonderful time together online.

1. Storytime

Storytime is an interesting texting game to play with your Valentine. One person begins by texting a sentence. The other person replies with a sentence building off that word time to create a story together.

A love story will be a good theme to opt for on this special day. If not, it can be a mystery story, comedy or simply a personal experience.

A love story will be a good theme to opt for on this special day. (Image: Rawpixel)

2. Stack Words

Stack Words is another awesome texting game to play on White Day. The first person starts by texting a word within a category that both of you choose together, like food, animals, or countries.

Your significant other takes her/his turn to text a word in the selected category and it should start with the last letter of your word. For example, if the category is food, you might text ‘sandwich’. Your pal’s response should start with the letter ‘S’, so she or he can reply with ‘sushi’ for instance.

Stack word games for White Day. (Image: play.google.com)

3. Sing and record a love song

There are numerous online karaoke music apps available nowadays. It is a good idea to invite your lover to sing and record a love song in memory of this sweet festival.

After singing and recording the love song, you can upload it onto your social media account to share this sweet moment with friends.

Best love songs of all time. (Image: Pinterest)

4. Take a Trip

Don’t be fooled by its name. It is not a good time to travel during these tough days. Actually, Take a Trip is a word game. One person starts by texting “I am going to X”, where the word that replaces X must start with the letter ‘A’. The next person takes his/her turn doing the same thing by filling in the blanks but must use the letter ‘B’.

The game continues until you make your way through all the alphabets. Just think about the hilarious combinations you can each come up with for this texting game. Good luck when you hit those tough letters!

Take a Trip is a word link game in the form of sentences. (Image: travelingmom.com)

5. Video games

A Way Out is one of the most interesting video games that cooperates with narratives for couples. It is not hard to play and force you to cooperate with your lover.

A Way Out tells the story of two people, Vincent and Leo, as they escape from prison and try to get revenge on the forces that brought them there. You have to play the game with two people and you’ll spend most of the time cooperating to solve puzzles and shoot bad guys with weirdly clunky assault rifles.

A Way Out is one of the most interesting video games for couples. (Image: Eurogamer)

On this White day, when you and loved one think about staying at home and playing your cell phones alone, consider instead staying at home and playing the games introduced as above!

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