Puppy Halloween: a dog, a hotdog, a hotdog dog

Sunday afternoon at Stazione Novella, was filled with sounds of “woof-woof” and “good boy~”. A special Halloween party was held at an Italian wine bar in SOHO. Dressed puppies in their spookiest outfits mingled with other dogs on the leisurely Sunday afternoon.

Doggy Halloween-Outside.jpg
Dogs socialising with each other by sniffing each other.(Photo:Sarah)

Bartenders ran here and there to attend not only the human guests but also the four-legged customers who wouldn’t order anything but would sniff anything served.

Doggy Halloween-witch.jpg
This cutie was not in the mood of party. She always tried to escape from the bar. (Photo:Sarah)

Four-legged batman, pumpkin, witch, flamingo, shark and many others joined the Halloween party. Glimmering eyes looking up, moist noses sniffing on everything being served and sitting on the floor with their front legs straightened, this is a puppies’ Halloween party.

Doggy Halloween-Siba
Shiba pumpkin came to the party with Chinese couple. He was the most active one. (Photo:Sarah)

Stazione Novella located in the heart of SoHo welcomes anyone and any dog. A small street-side dog-friendly Italian wine bar will brew your morning coffee and pour your afternoon wine. Attractive wines, beers, and classic cocktails are ready to be served. You can accompany your four-legged buddies anytime and they might also enjoy their own menus from time to time.

Stella is a 3-year-old Olde English Bulldog. As the queen of the day, she looks like a hotdog. Nothing can stop her from panting and shaking off the her costumers.

Doggy Halloween-hotdog
Stella tried to shake off the costume constantly but was exhausted after a few trials.(Photo:Sarah)
Doggy Halloween-food & Dog
Stella is ready for her Pupperoni.(Photo:Sarah)

Lily is a 6-year-old small white terrier dressed up as a flamingo. She did not like the event at all. All other new friends in weird costumes made Lily frightened. She sat next to her owner and did not move anywhere.

Regulars of Stazione Novella and dog owners are happy about the pet-friendly bar. Niki, a 24 years old university student in Hong Kong believed that there should be more places like Stazione Novella.

“It is hard for restaurants that deal with food to allow dogs to enter. However, in a small city like Hong Kong where dogs have few places to socialise with other dogs, places like Stazione Novella are needed”.

Doggy Halloween-puppuci.jpg
Pupperoni is puppies’ favourite so it was running out.(Photo:Sarah)

Stazione Novella hosts puppy events regularly and everyone is welcomed. An upcoming event is “Doggy Bunch” on December 15 from 9 A.M to 12 P.M. The dog of the day is Dachshund (Hot-dog dogs). You can meet sausage dogs and many other furry puppies.

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