An afternoon with the birds in the city centre

It’s pretty rare to find an aviary in the city centre, especially for highly condensed cities like Hong Kong.

Located next to the Peak Tram, Edward Youde Aviary Park is relatively less popular as a tourist attraction, but the best place to enjoy a peaceful afternoon with nature and birds.

Take a walk with birds in Central

Surrounded by all the skyscrapers in Central, the contrast between the hassle of the city and the peacefulness in the aviary is also something very distinctive.

The aviary is enclosed by a suspended stainless steel mesh spanning 3000 square meters, isolating birds from the chaos of the fast-paced city.

Most of the birds in the aviary are indigenous to Malesian rain forests. Thus, the aviary created a habitat that is similar to rain forests to protect endangered species. There is also a Waterfowl Lake linked to the aviary to accommodate species of waterfowl.

The aviary is also a favourite among bird photographers. For a city dominated by skyscrapers, the Edward Youde Aviary is probably one of the few places in town that bird-photographers can see a variety of bird species.

Some of the birds found in the Edward Youde Aviary

Tips for bird-photographers:

  • Come in the late afternoon when most birds are active
  • Use your telephoto lens! (I used APS-C camera body with 75-200mm telephoto lens)
  • Use burst shot mode for the best moment
  • Be patient to trace their action or behaviour
  • Exercise your arm muscle (It’s gonna be really tiring holding the telephoto lens for hours)

More information of Edward Youde Aviary:

  • Opens 09:00 – 17:00 daily
  • Free bird-watching walk on every Wednesday
  • Free entrance
  • Contact at 25215041
  • Location: 7 kennedy Rd, Central

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