Author: athenachan

Cultural Journalist. @ The University of Hong Kong, Bachelor of Journalism.
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Why don’t skateboarders skate in the skatepark?

Skateboarding, an extreme sport, an art form, a recreational activity, and a method of transportation, has embedded a sense of rebellion and bravery in its own unique spirit. The major development and expansion in skateboarding is demonstrated by its inclusion as a new programme in the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games and in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, but the conflicts between citizens and street skaters seem to be insoluble.

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What is so Cyberpunk about Hong Kong? — A view from Ghost in the Shell

A vast array of films on Cyberpunk, including Ghost in the Shell (2017), Blade Runner (1982) and The Matrix (1999), had chosen Hong Kong to fulfil the imagination of a high technology 21st century. What’s so cyberpunk about Hong Kong? The Cyberpunk aesthetic street view the special geography and history of Hong Kong provide an array of possibilities for cultural development that suits Cyberpunk concept.