5 Things to do while staying in Hong Kong.

1.Look out for unique bars.

Hong Kong is best known for its night views so it has various rooftop bars in places such as Central and Wanchai.
Not only rooftop bars, but there are many unique theme bars that will make you feel that you are in a different place. For example, ophelia is a bar where you can enjoy entertainment and performance while you are having your drinks with your friends. You will be impressed to see the girls in amazing and delicate costumes in the performance. Not forgetting to mention about the beaded curtains and peacock feathers that are used for the unique design of the bar. Just by looking at the bar, you will feel that you are somewhere out in a fantasy world.

2.Exploring islands.

Hong Kong is not only known for its high skyscrapers but also known for its green environment. Hong Kong has around 230 islands and the Island districts has twenty islands in the south and southwestern part. So if you feel like going away from the city just to be in nature, you can simply take a ferry and you will be apart from the city-side. I suggest Mui Wo island, where cows wander around in the street like pigeons-it will be a new experience that you have never experienced.

3.Trying local foods.

Hong Kong has a lot of delicious and cheap local foods you can try. Dim sum, Egg waffles, Wonton and so on.

4.Visiting close Southeast Asian countries.

If you are staying in Hong Kong for a quite a long time, it is your chance to visit nearby Southeast Asian countries. Hong Kong is in the middle of all the nearby asian countries, so most of the times, you can easily go to Southeast Asian countries within 3-4 hours.

5.Going to local events.

You can experience many local events while you are in Hong Kong. Such as October fest and Rugby Sevens. If you are bored of your daily life, you should go out and see what they have to offer! October fest will entertain you with pretty lights, decorations and the dragon dances they you have never seen before.

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