When one hears “HongKong”, often they imagine the dynamic country where the globe meets in the middle. There are seldom places that planes cannot go on one flight from this country.  It is the city that never sleeps, an East Asian New York City. The night view from the harbour, full of lights from the never-ending life of people of HongKong is all that every one visualises as one speaks of the country HongKong.

Yet there are much more beauties outsiders of HongKong have yet to realise from the country even after their visit. Due to it’s early earned fame as a country where connects the world and where joy from different cultures are combined, it’s tourist-friendly locations has now grown to be somewhat dull to those who call themselves extensive travellers. The same view, the same street, the same building that people talk about no longer is sexy to those who seek for something new, and they would not feel the desire to return to this beautiful country that people have failed to discover deeply.

HongKong can be a magical place depending on how hard one wishes to discover it. The attractiveness of its local cuisines, the exoticness of its corner by corner streets and arts, and the yet-to-be travelled upon islands other than Macau that surrounds this country is waiting for the millennial explorers to come by.

So do dig in, get some dirt on your shoes, and prep your bellies for the numerous adventures that await for you from this small country. It would astound you to find out how unimaginatively diverse allurement regardless of time, nation, and culture that this country can offer. 

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