“I’ve read that this is the most ‘visitable’ temple and I have a friend who advises me to try these fortune tellers”, said Lily who is coming for a short visit from Estonia.

When talking about scenic spots in Hong Kong, you may immediately think of the typical ones like the Peak, Victoria Park, but you can never skip Wong Tai Sin Temple! Here comes a short journey to the temple and some hints to make your wish come true!

The temple is indeed called Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple with almost a hundred years of history, awarded as Grade 1 historical building with Chinese architectural style. With the composition of three different religions – Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism, the temple has long been the most popular and crowded one in Hong Kong, especially when people fight for burning the first incense stick at the Lunar New Year.

This temple is always being praised as the most efficacious one in Hong Kong; not only do people come along to ask for their fortune, and to redeem a vow.

“My sister once made a wish here and hope that she can get into university. She did successfully enter one and I am here to help her redeem her vow to the god”, said Nancy who comes from Taiwan. Redeeming a vow for her sister is one of her tasks in her short stay here, she has another big task to accomplish; that is visiting Yue Lao to pray for a relationship.

According to legend, Yue Lao tied a red string on a man’s and a woman’s foot to maintain their relationship; this gradually becomes a custom for people who are looking for a relationship or a marriage.

People come to make a wish for a relationship or a marriage in front of Yue Lao, then tie the red string on it with sincerity.

So how about if I want to know more about my fortune? Wong Tai Sin Temple would then be the right place to ask for one’s fortune. Let’s follow the following steps: First, sincerely think of your question, then shake the container of fortune-telling sticks until one stick is dropped on the floor; the number of the stick would represent your fortune. You may choose to pay for a fortune-teller to explain the meaning, or you may simply follow the “Wong Tai Sin Temple – FORTUNE-TELLING STICK GUIDE” to check out the meaning of your lot online!