Hong Kong may be the city with the highest average rent, but cheap eats are not too difficult to find. Kennedy Town (at the end of the MTR’s Island line) is a small neighbourhood from which the sea can be seen from almost everywhere. Kennedy town is now populated by many students, so having student bargains is a must for the gastronomic industry. Here are some of the best price-quality deals that you can enjoy.

Love Dim Sum (愛點心):

Coming out the MTR this a take away dim sum restaurant that is hard to ignore. Its bright red sign stands out between the other shops. The lady who owns the store is not only friendly, but also gives excellent suggestions about things to try that you might like. Either stop here for a spring onion cake as a snack, or get dinner and enjoy their signature shanghai pork dumplings among other delicious dishes. (HKD 12-70)

The Take Away Sushi Place Next to the McDonalds:

Though the name of this take away restaurant is actually Sushi Express, they are known under students as the take away sushi place next to the McDonalds (mainly because the restaurant isn’t visible on google maps). This take away place not only has really good pre-selected sushi packs (10pc of salmon nigiri for 30HKD) but also has the option for you to create your own box. You can select from 20 or more types of sushi and customize your own dinner for 3$ per piece of sushi. (HKD 40-50)

Lunch Set at the Lotus:

Lunch is generally a lot cheaper than dinner in Hong Kong, due to the lunch sets that they provide. The Lotus provides a discount on all dishes during lunch. They are already a relatively cheap restaurant in Kennedy town, but during the week at lunch the price of their dishes is 20HKD less. What is especially good at this restaurant is their green curry with tofu, the tofu is nice and crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, and their curry is really smooth and thick. (40-50HKD)


This is a small dim sum restaurant next to the sushi place. They are open until 2am, so if you have midnight cravings you can always walk in here. The people who run it are extremely hard working and always smiling. They offer you a pot of green tea for by your meal and you can order the most delicious dim sum here. The steamed bbq pork buns and the rice roll with pork and coriander are recommended. (50-70HKD)

Yee Kee restaurant:

If a quick and cheap meal is what you are looking for, Yee Kee restaurant is the place to be. Though it looks pretty run down, the food that they make here is quite good. Because of the low prices you’ll see a lot of students eat here who live around the area. You can also ask for the meal to be take out and eat it by the waterfront. The pineapple chicken fried rice is excellent here. (40HKD)

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