Meal Prep: healthy eating in HK

Hong Kong is leading the world in life expectancy, while locals tend to live a healthier lifestyle. Healthy eating is one of the major concerns for locals, while meal preps has become a new trend for people who looking for a healthy lifestyle, which is to plan and prepare calorie controlled but nutritious and balanced meals ahead of time.

Meal preps are stick to a plan, which can be prepared for all meals a week, or sometimes only meals away from home. Meal preps recipes can be simple and low budget, but sometimes people can be lazy or not able to cook for some reasons.

Meal prep services have come into business for those who do not cook but still in search for healthy eating, companies accept orders online, prepare the meals and deliver fresh meals to your home or office daily.

Some of the options are listed below in case you are looking for meal prep services:


Signature Plan by NOSH

Nosh provides a variety of chef-designed meals targeting different needs, including different healthy western recipes for losing weight, balanced diet, and muscle building goals.

Order before 9am Saturday, 3 days minimum, 3 meals delivered between 7-9am on weekdays.
$200 – $400/day, free delivery



Nutrition Kitchen meal plans are designed by personal trainers, breaking down to female and male groups with different daily carb intake needs.

Order before 12pm Friday, 5 days minimum, 2-3 meals delivered between 6-10am on weekdays, $150 – $400/day


Meal Prep by EATOLOGY

Eatology has a variety of meal preps selections, including vegans, vegetarians, and even traditional Asian diet menus. Tailor-made meals can as well be created upon request.

Order 3 days in advance, 5 days minimum, 2-3 meals deliver from 6am Monday to Saturday, $300 – $500/day


Meal Prep by OPTMEAL

Optmeal offers calorie-controlled and macro-balanced meal plans focusing on the fitness community, 350 kcal meals (low carbs) are available on daily basis. They offer 1 – 5 meals of delivery per day.

Order before 12pm Saturday, 5 days minimum, 1-5 meals delivered between 0830-1000 a.m. on weekdays, $100 – $400/day
free delivery