Locating 10 kilometers southwest to the Hong Kong Island, Cheung Chau is one of the most recommended outlying islands to visit. From morning to afternoon, one can have a relaxing but colorful day wandering on the island and appreciating its cultural sites, ocean breeze and amazing food. Take the ferry at No. 5 Pier at central, Cheung Chau is just within an hour away.

If you are the spot-checking kind of traveler, famous sites such as the Cheung Po Tsai Cave, the four Tin Hau Temples and the Cheung Chau Stone Carvings are something you don’t want to miss.

One of the Tin Hau Temple (see if you can find all four of them! 🙂
Outside the Cheung Po Tsai cave, Remember to bring a flashlight if you plan on going inside.

But if you prefer pace slowly through the island and embrace what jumps in front of you, Cheung Chau also has a lot to offer. The beach with fine sand and gentle waves. The seafood market filling with the most original taste of the sea. The old streets and interesting shops hidden in them. Sunshine and good vibes.

It is a place without busy traffic and pressure deadlines. You can sit on the beach and talk with your friend for the entire afternoon. You can also do nothing and drown yourself in the cool breeze. You can run around and take awesome pics. You can also just kill time until the sun goes down.

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Their hospitality, souvenir shops and restaurants catering to tourists’ choice, and other well-equipped tourist resources make it undoubtedly a convenient and welcoming travel destination. More amazingly, people on Cheung Chau Island find a good balance between tourism and life. They go on with their daily routine, not minding the curious but friendly pry from the outsiders.

As we were leaving the island, we bumped into a group of children on their way home from school. They passed us talking about the latest cartoon and tonight’s homework, paying completely no attention to the tourists around. I guess they have gotten used to it and Cheung Chau is not much a special place in their heart. It is just home.


If you are looking for a place to get away with the “Central” way of life, consider jumping on the ferry and heading for Cheung Chau. Escape for just one day, have a proper relaxing time and recharge yourself for the upcoming challenges!