Sea, Music and Picnic: Enjoy Your Weekend at “Instagram Pier”

Young people often think of places to go with friends during the weekend. Parents may consider a resort for children to play and relax. “Instagram Pier” is definitely an ideal place for leisure.

Two girls sit on the Instagram Pier, enjoying the gentle sea breeze.

Just five minutes walk from the B2 Exit of the University of Hong Kong MTR station, the Western District Public Cargo Working Area is famous for its amazing view of the sea during sunset. People can also capture the Victoria Habour, Hong Kong’s skyline, special cargo pallets through their lens here. Therefore the pier is nicknamed “Instagram Pier”, namely a wonderful place to take pictures for Instagram.

Find your way to Instagram Pier:

Instagram pier
The map for “Instagram Pier”

Previously, only the 5th pier is available for the public to walk their dogs or jog. Since this April, new piers (the ①,②, ③ and ④ shown on the map above) with entertainment facilities have been open to the Hong Kong residents and tourists. As a part of the Central and Western District Promenade, the newly built 5200-square-meter, 400-meter long promenade is aimed to provide a community space for people to enjoy outdoor activities and a platform for outdoor workshops and exhibitions.

The first pier is specially designed for children. Slides and other recreation facilities are children’s favorite. Boys and girls run and laugh, climb up and down on the slide, energy never fading.

A father is looking after his daughter on the slide.
The little boy is looking at the sunset using a telescope.
Children love climbing up and down on the slide.

The second pier with wooden floor has a vast open space. Citizens can hold bazaar, exhibition or outdoor activities on this pier. People can have a rest on the bench or take a seaside walk here as well.

Our model Ceci loves the second pier.

Young people may prefer to spend a lazy weekend afternoon on the grass on the third pier. The wooden ground covered by grass is soft and suitable for sitting. Bring sandwiches, potato chips, drink and guitar here, have a picnic with your friends and enjoy the music!

Just take a seat and chat with your friend.
A group of students is singing songs with the guitar and having picnic.

There is also a large yellow crane placed on the grass. The strong contrast between the yellow and green makes the pier a nice place for photos.

The fifth pier, the oldest one, is packed with large unused colorful cargo pallets, with which you can take many interesting photos.


On the largest pier, people like jogging with their dogs, riding bikes and fishing.

A boy is fishing here.

Or sitting by the sea, watching the ships passing by, and literally doing nothing. When it gets dark, you can see the charming night scene across the sea.

The pier is very popular among nearby residents.

Isn’t the Instagram Pier a good place for a lazy day?

Music, sea, bear, and breeze. Have a good weekend here!