Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong #1: When the light shines down on you

“Mom, look at the rabbit!” A little girl shouted gleefully and rushed to a huge rabbit-shaped lantern in the Victoria Park.

Lantern Exhibition
The lantern exhibition in the Victoria Park lasts from Sep 23 to Spe 25.

The lantern exhibition in consecutive three days in the Victoria Park in Causeway Bay is to celebrate the traditional Chinese festival, Mid-Autumn Festival. Chinese people gather with their families and friends on the 15th of the eighth month of the lunar calendar, to celebrate the harvest of rice and to worship the moon since thousands year ago.

With the full moon overhead, people like holding deliberately decorated lanterns and hanging out at night during Mid-Autumn Festival. Therefore, making lantern as a tradition passed on over generations and lasts until now.

This year, there are differently themed lanterns exhibited. Colorful modern spacecraft lanterns attract children’s eyes. Among the bright light of these lanterns, children feel as if they fly to the vast universe.


Spacecraft lanterns are popular among children.

The hot-air balloon lanterns hung high and low, embellishing a corner of the park. Girls love taking pictures here, showing their captivating silhouette lit in backlight.


Our model Visen tried the backlight photography and it looks good : )

The most traditional bat lanterns densely hung over the ceiling are the target of many cameras as well. “Bat” is a homophone for “good fortune” in Chinese, therefore, bats appear frequently in traditional Chinese drawings and art crafts. So is it in the lantern.


Chinese riddles are often attached with the lantern for people to solve. Visitors can get a piece of riddle question paper in the entrance of Victoria Park and submit the answer to staffs. People can get special gifts if they solve the riddle correctly.

Apart from the charming lanterns, small shops selling creative goods also draw the attention of tourists. Handmade woodwork workshop, recycled paper notebook, self-designed stamper, colored glass bottle light…… Various kinds of little creation invited tourists to stop and have a look.



Mid-Autumn Festival is a good chance for busy Hong Kong people to gather with families and take a good rest. Let’s go to Victoria Park and enjoy the good time wandering around with the light of lanterns!